Amlan Maiti, Professional SEO Expert & Digital Marketing Consultant

Consulting and Strategy

We will help you move and exist in the Internet environment, developing a comprehensive strategy . We will select the tools and mechanisms best suited to activities conducted by you. With us Your brand will start operating in different areas of the Internet has to offer today.

We Offer:

  1. Develop strategies to the company's presence on the Internet
  2. identification and branding on the Internet
  3. planning and implementation of online campaigns
  4. customize and integrate the activities of the Internet company's marketing strategy
  5. monitoring of the activities of the competition

The Internet is a channel of communication that begins to play an increasingly important role in competition with traditional media and displaces very common these media offer new and previously unknown possibilities for marketing activities.

For several years, a significant increase in the number of Internet users in India, also extends the time that Poles spend on web browsing. Currently, he is averaging more than 44 hours per month, which is almost one and a half hours a day surfing the net.

The India Internet can also be seen more and more active Internet users in Web 2.0 sites that give you the opportunity to actively participate in and to develop content. Particularly interested surfers enjoy social networks, among them the fastest growing service of its kind in India - Facebook .

What do we offer?

Our company offers a wide range of services in the field of Internet Marketing .

Our specialists will develop a comprehensive strategy for the presence of your company on the Internet.

We will plan and guide them online campaigns , that will make Your site was clearly visible in the search engines, we will develop and implement a strategy presence in Social Media .

We will build the identification and will make that your brand is well-recognized in the Internet.

Search Engine Promotion Strategies

We build long-term strategies for the presence in the search engines , including both optimization and web positioning, as well as paid links campaigns.

We use:

  1. latest methods of promotion and positive attitude of Internet users
  2. SEM complementarity and synergy effects
  3. the ability to optimize marketing costs by a good selection of tools.

SEM - integration with other media

Support and complement traditional advertising activities carried out by the company, internet marketing based on the effective promotion in search engines. Media integration gives:

  1. multiple positive effects of the campaign,
  2. increase the credibility of advertising,
  3. increasing the number of customers and to ensure continuity of communication with them.

Campaigns sponsored links

We offer comprehensive services to promote the brand through sponsored links on the pages of Polish and international search engines. At the service consists of:

  1. development objectives of the campaign (message, the recipient, the media, forms, budget)
  2. copywriting advertising texts
  3. configuration, commissioning, optimization and reporting actual results

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Positioning websites

We position websites by putting them at the forefront of the natural search results generated by the search engines for your chosen keywords. For positioning consists of:

  1. Site optimization for keywords (copywriting, SEO PR)
  2. analysis and modification of HTML
  3. building the popularity of the site through the actions of SEO-PR and PR.

Web-based analyst

Thanks to the advanced use of tools such as Google Analytics and Google Website Optimizer , we are able to effectively analyze website traffic sources, behavior of its users, optimize advertising campaigns, increase conversion rates and improve the functionality of websites. We offer:

  1. installation, design and configuration, data analysis in GA
  2. experiment planning and configuration, monitoring, analysis of the results in GWO
  3. consulting, training and dedicated solutions in the field of web analytics.

Monitoring service position search results

Monitor and maintain service positions developed by a rapid response to competitors' actions and changes and modifications that occur in the search engine algorithms. Monitoring includes:

  1. controlling the position of the site in the selected search engines,
  2. Reporting your site for your keywords,
  3. SEO activities maintaining high rankings page.

Copywriting and SEO positioning PR

And optimize content publishing our websites and PR materials. In this way, we support the achievement of high positions in search results for your chosen keywords and provide optimal promotion of websites. The service includes:

  1. develop a hierarchy of words and key phrases for your website,
  2. copywriting and content formatting service taking into account the words - keys,
  3. SEO PR activities (ie. the positioning of public relations).

Search Engine Marketing Consultancy Service

The presence of the Internet is also an essential element associated with the image of the company, position in search engines is the indispensable element.

What do we offer?

  1. Auditing and optimizing websites
  2. Improve the position occupied in the search engines - SEO
  3. Strengthening the company's credibility and popularity
  4. Current reporting its activities
  5. Developing a strategy for activities related to search marketing
  6. Preparation of paid advertising campaigns for example. AdWords
  7. Help in the selection of keywords (phrases) and their analysis
  8. Monitoring of the activities of the competition
  9. Current reporting its activities

Internet search market in Poland is dominated by Google and nothing indicates that in the near future was going to make a difference (overall share of the search engine in Poland at the end of 2010, more than 97%, in second place was the result of less than NetSprint 1.5%).

Measures SEO (search engine optimization - search engine optimization) are part of the SEM (search engine marketing - search engine marketing).

Our actions in practice translate into high positions in search results for selected key phrases. This means that your potential customers can turn into a real business partners!

It happens that the concept of SEM and SEO are confused or used interchangeably. In fact, search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the elements of search engine marketing or SEM is.

In addition to optimization and search engine optimization (SEO), the next most popular item associated with the SEM is to promote using paid search (PPC - pay per click).

An example of this type of activity may be advertising campaigns conducted in Google AdWords . Their advantage compared to the traditional activities of SEO (which by definition are long-term) is that they provide a quick way to concrete and (very importantly) measurable results.

Management of Internet advertising is a technological process that is constantly evolving, global giants such as Google and Microsoft provide better and more refined tools to manage advertising issued by us.

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Social Media Marketing Consultant

As part of the marketing activities we offer:

  1. Develop strategies presence in Social Media.
  2. Building a community around the brand using Web 2.0 tools (forums, blogs, social networking, etc.).
  3. Development and maintenance of corporate profiles on social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Blip).
  4. Planning and managing advertising campaigns on Facebook.
  5. Application development platform Facebook.
  6. Monitoring of the media in the presence of information about the brand and competitors' actions.

Today's internet user is not a passive recipient of content presented there, but actively looking for information on the products, often expressed opinions on the products, the company and its operations. Opinions presented by other users are a very important source of information and have an increasing influence on purchasing decisions.

Acc. Gemius research as much as 67% of Internet users went to the opinions on products at the time of purchase planning, and more than half of them have found this information helpful in making purchase decisions.

Companies are increasingly turning to the use of Web 2.0 tools because they allow for the dialogue and the development of two-way communication with the customer.

Companies that are able to engage customers in dialogue and get them valuable feedback on their products and services, have a greater chance of success. Listening to customers are able to adjust their offer to their exact requirements.

An open dialogue with the consumer and giving him a real possibility to influence the company's offer makes Consumers are involved in the end the most loyal advocates and ambassadors of the product or brand. Building virtual communities around brands using social media can have a real impact on customer loyalty.

Studies show that such action can bring real benefits to the company because customers who are members of the community gathered around the brand will be happy to recommend its products have for her more respect and trust and most importantly - are willing to buy the products of this brand.

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Internet Marketing Consulting Services

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